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James Bartley
Based in Brooklyn, NY
Based in Montara, CA
Release Date:
April 2016
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Melody Jams is the awesome new way to become a rock star! Mix and match your favorite characters in fun combinations to create your own songs, then jump in and play along! Join your Melody Jam band on the road to meet new friends, play new instruments, and experience the fun of making music with others. What are you waiting for, get out there and jam!

Melody Jams is a project that combines a number of our passions: Music, animation, and interactivity. As a small group of designers, animators, musicians, and developers who spent their childhood creating music with friends, we wanted to re-create that experience for people of all ages. Meeting new people with different aesthetic styles and personalities made for great new experiences, memories, and ever growing friendships.

Stay posted as we extend the Melody Jams tour by creating new jams,discovering new instruments, and making new friends!


  • Exciting animations
  • You choose the sounds you want!
  • Mix different melodies around to create your own music.
  • Play along with fun and exciting instruments.
  • Each monster has multiple sounds and animations. Drag around to discover them all!
  • Start in “The Garage” for free, and buy awesome Jams for even more fun!

Musicians in “The Garage”

  • Mark on Rhythm Guitar
  • Mary on Lead Guitar
  • Max on Keytar
  • Meg on Tambourine
  • Mel on Drums
  • Michelle on Flute
  • Micky on Trumpet
  • Mike on Conga Drums
  • Miller on Vibraphones
  • Milly on Bass
  • Mo on Violin
  • Moose on Drums


Melody Jams began as a project with the best intentions. James Bartley wanted to make something fun for people of all ages that could combine all his life-long passions and bring together a mix of different creatives. Fortunately he was surrounded by dozens of inspiring animators and musicians, he loved the idea of building something that would connect the crafts they loved with a wider audience. He then started taking off time from work to begin crafting the world of Melody Jams.

James also started meeting with a couple of his musician friends, Nathan Mckee and Hani Zahra. Nathan and James write music together in a band in NYC and Hani runs a small recording studio in Brooklyn. Together they helped develop the sounds of Melody Jams. Now they just needed someone with the skills and the know-how to bring the dream to life.

James eventually met a mutual friend who recommended Arbitrary in spite of it being 3000 miles away. The two hit it off immediately and quickly got to work. Together they continued to grow the idea of what the app could be. Jamie and his team at Arbitrary worked with James to bring Melody Jams to life, and they all had a blast doing it! A few short months later the app was live for everyone to enjoy!


James Bartley is a freelance Animator currently based in NYC. He graduated from the Digital Design program at Vancouver Film School in 2009 where he studied Motion Design and Interactive Media. Prior to that, he received a BA in Graphic Design deep in the Pinelands of New Jersey, where he is originally from. Over the past seven years he's had the opportunity to freelance at some amazing design & animation studios in NYC, LA, and Vancouver. During that time he's also worked with MoMA's Design Group where he assisted with a number of media campaigns for upcoming exhibitions and spent time at Google's Creative Lab thinking up future things. When he's not on the computer he tries to stay young playing in his rock band. He enjoys good conversation and collaborations.

Jamie Kosoy is Founder & Head of Technology at Arbitrary, a design-minded development studio in the Bay Area. Jamie has led development on sites and apps of all sizes. He has spoken at conferences internationally about the intersection of design, product, business and technology. His interactive artwork has been on display at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens as well as exhibitions in Philadelphia, Boston, and San Francisco. Relentlessly passionate about designers and makers, he has mentored for TechStars and taught at Parsons ,General Assembly, and the University of San Francisco.

Nathan Mckee was raised in the Alaskan wilderness, but now calls Brooklyn home. He's spent countless hours in record stores sorting through dusty bins, in basements without earplugs in front of half stacks, and onstage with wonderful musicians and friends. Currently, he plays Balinese gamelan on the weekends, records under his own name and performs in his project Shaker Triplets. He can think of nothing more worthwhile than making music.

Matt Cook is a Digital Producer working with Arbitrary out of Greenville, SC. Whether building teams, constructing processes, or guiding conversations he sees around corners and ensures the best results. He’s produced digital projects for brands including Google, ESPN, The New York Times, and Sony Playstation. When he’s not producing projects you can find him building one of the best coworking spaces in the Southeast, enjoying being a new dad, or running long distances.

Georg Fischer is a multimedia designer from Würzburg, Germany. In September 2010 he graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Design. He loves to design and develop for the web, tinker with electronics, create prototypes and make interesting, meaningful things.

Hani Zahra is a musician and producer based out of Brooklyn, New York, where he can be found singing on dive bar stages or in his studio, recording. He received a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Music from Arizona State University, where he focused on classical guitar performance and first developed a love for composition and recording. He founded his recording studio, Machete Sisters, in 2015 and produces a wide variety of music in addition to his monster sounds. Hani lives with the love of his life, his Siamese cat, Julia, and his favorite Beatle is George.

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